Livespeakr has received tons of amazing media recognitions and reviews!


“Livespeakr is the most innovative speaker system for the iPhone and iPod touch on the market.” (ZDNet, Andrew Nusca)

When I plugged in the speakers for the first time, I was astonished that such a big sound was produced by such a small speaker system it reminds me of having a miniature iPhone boom-box.” ((TUAW) The Unofficial Apple Weblog)

“Livespeakr portable speakers are compact, powerful” (Network World, Keith Shaw)

“…these little tykes overcame most of the tinny highs and nonexistent lows many ultraportable systems are cursed with.” (Chicago Tribune, Scott Powers)

“You won’t regret grabbing a pair of these for yourself. The sound quality is just excellent, and they’re very portable. You can throw them in your carryon when you travel, or into your laptop bag when you’re on the go during the daytime. Never suffer from bad quality sound again!” (Chris Pirillo, Tech Reviewer CNN)

“Livespeakr proves good things come in small, rotating, rechargeable packages” (Macenstein)

“The Livespeakr’s volume capability is impressive” (MacWorld, Lex Friedman)

“Don’t be misled by the Livespeakr’s tiny size, this thing can produce some serious sound…At max amplitude on my iPhone the Livespeakr produced absolutely no distortion and its body showed no signs of vibration. Its sound is bright, full and clear as the recession in sight. ” (

As seen on the Early Show

As Seen On The Early Show:

Co-founders of Adam Rich and Hayden Lynch show Maggie Rodriguez some new gadgets featuring: Livespeakr.



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